The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds in the world, growing the size of a small pony. Called the Irish dogs or the Big Dogs of Ireland, they are an ancient breed of the Greyhound family, trained to hunt wolves and elk and were companions to Irish royalty and nobles. In buying an Irish Wolfhound, it is urged to do a lot of research beforehand and locate respectable Irish Wolfhound breeders. Ofcourse, it is also important to ask yourself if it is the right breed for you. Irish Wolfhounds are intelligent and obedient, as well as loyal and affectionate. They are easily trained, but they tend to be friendly to outsiders, and therefore are usually used as deterrents due to their size instead of watchdogs. Interested buyers must also know that they have different growth patterns, diet needs, and health treatments from other breeds. Irish Wolfhounds also need a lot of food to grow, as well as a big space for them to move freely, stretch their legs, and have adequate exercise.

If you are considering getting the breed, it is best to buy from a breeder, who is ofcourse, an expert on the breed. Breeders should be able to answer your questions and help you find the right dog. Buying from recognized and recommended Irish Wolfhound breeders will give you assurance that your Irish Wolfhound will have proper and complete vaccination, papers, and are de-wormed. Usually, breeders also microchip the Wolfhound puppies the same time they get their first shots.

The Irish Wolfhound Club, established in 1885, is the oldest Irish Wolfhound club and continues until this day to promote and encourage the proper breeding of the Irish Wolfhound. They recommend a list of Irish Wolfhound breeders which can be viewed in their website. You can also contact their Club secretary for referrals to members selling puppies. Sarken Kennels also has one of the finest Irish Wolfhounds in America. Specializing in the breeding of Irish Wolfhounds, Sarken Kennels assures the original reasons for breeding Irish Wolfhounds–versatile dogs at home and strong contenders at shows. The Wolfhounds range in various colors from cream to black, and puppies are raised indoorshighly socialized with children and adults and other dogs and animals. The American Kennel Club can help you find the best Irish Wolfhound breeders for you. Their website offers an online breeder classifieds to find ones in your area.