Known as the tallest of dog breeds with an average height of 30 to 32 inches and weight of 105-120lbs., the Irish Wolfhound is one majestic animal. As described by the American Kennel Club, the Irish Wolfhound is a sight-hound of great size and commanding appearance, a dog that combines power, swiftness and keen sight. If you are looking to get a dog and this breed that greatly interests you, then make to read about proper Irish Wolfhound training.

Irish Wolfhound training is generally easy given the temperament of the breed. Irish wolfhounds are known to be easygoing and quiet by nature and they are not generally known to be territorially aggressive with other dogs but due to its specialty as a hunting dog they are known to course with other dogs, meaning they like to run after and roughhouse with other animals and themselves that might look like fighting to us. They can be very close to humans and are gentle with people especially children. Because of this trait they can easily perceive human emotions such when they perceive any dangers or malicious intent from other animals or humans they are quick to display their fearless nature. On the flip side they can be generally friendly even to total strangers which does not make them good watchdogs but makes the Irish wolfhound great guardian dogs.

When starting Irish Wolfhound training keep in mind they respond well to firm but gentle leadership. It is best to start as early as possible but should the puppy not be given any advanced or formal exercises that are too taxing since a puppy up to 6 months old should only be allowed to play as much as it can and get plenty of rest and only train with basics. This is so that the puppy can develop his/her instinct and body to grow naturally. Given the breed’s size and frame you will need more room and space to properly train this breed, so if you live in a apartment or any small location it is recommended to not get this breed.

As the puppy grows older then you can now intensify your Irish Wolfhound training, but at this time you now have to take caution and control your dog’s playtime and exercise. They should not be allowed to play with smaller dogs or older Irish wolfhounds for too long since smaller dogs and older ones will have more energy which can cause damage to a young Irish wolfhound if they try too keep up with other dogs even if they are exhausted. For adult hounds, a good rule to remember is to give them enough exercise at least 20 minutes each day.

Irish Wolfhound training can be greatly affected by what the dog eats. Irish Wolfhounds grow rapidly with the right nutrition but the important thing to note Is that giant breeds like them are susceptible to skeletal problems like arthritis, so you have to guard against them.

With the right training and nutrition, your Irish wolfhound will grow into a healthy, powerful and swift dog perfect whether you train them as guardian dogs and pets or if for sports and hunting.