Have you ever seen an Irish Wolfhound? This breed of dog is considered to be the tallest breed of dog in the world. Generally even taller than the Great Dane, the Irish Wolfhound is one huge dog. They can measure up to 7-feet long when they stand on their hind legs, and are even joked around for being like small horses. That is just how massive these dogs are. If you think they are late bloomers and only grow to their full size at around a year from their puppyhood, think again. The Irish Wolfhound can eat up to 2 to 3 pounds of food a day, and gain as much as almost 2 pounds every single day. What makes these giants so special, however, is that they are the gentle kind, for the Irish Wolfhound temperament is totally contradictory to their namesake.

They do not call these dogs gentle giants for nothing. The Irish Wolfhound temperament cannot be denied: they are kind, sweet, and loving towards their family members and even friendly toward strangers. They are big, but oh so very bashful and friendly. Irish Wolfhounds, however kind, are still very skilled hunters. That being said, it is only expected for these dogs to be slow when it comes to running. The Irish Wolfhound, however, uses its traits which it inherited from the wolves, to hunt its prey. This is how they became such great hunters. They do, however, tone it down when it comes to having family time with its masters, and even hog couches using their whole size to keep all of the sitting space all to itself.

These dogs are patient and will not rush anything, especially a walk to the park, should you not give it to them right away. They are amazingly easy to train, and love to please its masters any chance it gets. It is all part of the Irish Wolfhound temperament this dog should really be more famous for.

With the ease of being really trainable, the Irish Wolfhound, despite its great size, is a great and perfect family dog for you big families out there. Just make sure you train it early on from puppyhood and to show it who is the Alpha (you), and you will have no trouble with this amazingly magnificent and well-respected dog. The great Irish Wolfhound temperament, along with all of its traits and features, make the Irish Wolfhound a majestic dog.