Various Irish Wolfhound rescue organizations have been established all over the world. All of these are geared to reduce the number of Irish wolfhounds that are abused, neglected, given, or dumped into shelthers. One of the main reasons why these gentle large dogs often end up on Irish Wolfhound rescue groups is because their owners do not know enough about the dog breed and just gave it up without second thoughts.

People who are interested in owning an Irish Wolfhound dog must understand this breed, as well as its needs. They must understand that the dogs in the rescue centers often come from neglectful families. Having a full understanding of the breed can help the family determine if an Irish Wolfhound is the suitable dog for them.

These Irish Wolfhound rescue organizations set up various terms and conditions before setting up the dogs for homes who are willing to adopt them. Usual requirements would be a safe and loving family, with a properly fenced home since the Irish Wolfhound is a dog breed that enjoys running around. A home without a surrounding fence is not the safest place for these hounds. The health of the dogs in Irish Wolfhound rescue centers are also prioritized, with constant check ups with the vet and most of the time they are neutered.

Below are the characteristics of this particular breed of dog:

Patient and Kind – Ideal for families with children, the Irish Wolfhound is patient with little ones.

Guarding and Barking – Although a quiet dog, this breed is big enough to scare away intruders. It is a loyal dog who will defend and protect its owners, but for those who are looking for a vicious guard dog, another breed might be a better choice.

Maturity and Size – An Irish Wolfhound usually achieves its full height in 18-24 months and develops full maturity in 3 years or so.

For those who are interested in adopting a dog from Irish Wolfhound Rescue centers, make a careful deliberation. Despite their great size, Irish Wolfhounds are just like any other dogs who need care, affection, and attention. They are suitable for active families who have a large yard with secure fence. Having other dogs or pets can also be a good thing for the Irish Wolfhound because this is a friendly dog who is nice to other animals and people. this is also a dog breed that is best trained as a puppy.