There is no other dog that boasts the distinction of being named as one of the tallest dog breed other than the Irish Wolfhound dog a dog that can measure up to 28 to 35 inches (or 71 to 90 centimeters), almost the size of a small pony!

The Irish Wolfhound dog, while seemingly menacing, intimidating and not to mention imposing with their height (when standing tall on its hind legs, this dog can reach a height of about 7 feet!) and wolfish appearance, are for all intents and purposes, generally affectionate and sweet tempered dogs; these dogs always willing to please their owners, intelligent, extremely loyal, exhibit a great degree of patience and are exceptionally well-suited with children. The Irish Wolfhound dogs are really friendly to anyone, treating everyone as family; this attitude does not make them ideal watchdogs, but for most people, the Irish Wolfhound dog’s sheer size is proven time and again to be a effective deterrent against shady characters. These dogs are clumsy and goofy, often giving their owners quite a lot of memorable moments as the dogs mature both in body as well as in mind. That being said, these dogs require to be fed with quality food in order to grow to their expected height. Since these dogs exude a very intelligent air about them, one should not be too pushy because these dogs can catch on early with what its masters wants from them; a balance between being lenient and stern must be followed in order to foster a good relationship with this dog, ensuring that it grows confidently and very disciplined.

These tall dogs are not recommended for those who live in small apartment-style accommodations they would benefit more from a household that has ample room to let them runabout and stretch their legs, such as a yard or in one’s farmland. This also applies to transportation – the Irish Wolfhound dog will surely not fit in smaller, more compact cars. Getting a bigger car is the way to go. Going back to one’s yard, it would be wise to put up a fence in one’s yard because these dogs have a tendency to chase any small animal or critter that it sees.

These dogs can be a challenge to an owner, but the loyalty and affection one will get from these big, goofy and lovable dogs are surely worth the trouble!