What sets the Irish Wolfhound apart from all the other breeds of dogs? Is it its color? Is it its fur? Is it the way it runs, or barks or its temperament? It may be so, as all breeds of dogs  do vary in some, or all of those traits and features; but no. The Irish Wolfhound is set apart from all the other breeds of dogs in the world because it is the tallest breed of dog. This dog grabs everybodys attentions when it struts itself onto the streets, for when this dog is set side-by-side with a human, it is almost always more than waist high. And it is of course much, much taller when it stands on its two back legs. If you want a large breed of dog, there is nothing bigger than big, black Irish Wolfhound.

 The Irish Wolfhound, although it only comes in one sizeextra extra large does come in other colors, albeit not being very varied. It has a very shaggy fur coat, which is very wiry and coarse to the touch of the hands. The colors of the Irish Wolfhounds fur coat may come in gray, as it  is considered to be the most common color of this breed of dog; it may also come though, in red, fawn, or pure white as it appears to be, brindle, and most profoundly striking, black. The black Irish Wolfhound is the perfect hound to make itself look both menacing just by its sheer size, but at the same time also gentle and not actually vicious at all. Other than that, however, there would really be no other reason for a black Irish Wolfhound to stand out among any other colored Irish Wolfhounds. Still, to have an Irish Wolfhound with a purely black coat would be a real fortune.

 The Irish Wolfhound is a great dog, for it is kind, sweet, and it just loves being with family members and its owners and masters. They could easily be a great lap dog, were they not bigger then you yourselves. Great watch dogs with amazing instincts, incredibly well-built physical structure (although prone to several large dog breed diseases), and just marvelous overall, the Irish Greyhound is a dog which will definitely bring the house down (quite literally if you are not careful). If you  are considering on getting one, however, try and get the black Irish Greyhound, as they are just absolutely disturbingly beautiful.