Irish Wolfhound Training

Irish Wolfhound Training Made Easy

Known as the tallest of dog breeds with an average height of 30 to 32 inches and weight of 105-120lbs., the Irish Wolfhound is one majestic animal. As described by the American Kennel Club, the Irish Wolfhound is a sight-hound of great size and commanding appearance, a dog that combines power, swiftness and keen sight. If you are looking to get a dog and this breed that greatly interests you, then make to read about proper Irish Wolfhound training. Irish Wolfhound training is generally easy given the temperament of the breed. Irish wolfhounds are known to be easygoing and quiet by nature and they are not generally known to be territorially aggressive with other dogs but due to its specialty as a hunting dog they are known to course with other dogs, meaning they like to run after and roughhouse with other animals and themselves...

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Irish Wolfhound Breed Information

Irish Wolfhound Dog Information

There is no other dog that boasts the distinction of being named as one of the tallest dog breed other than the Irish Wolfhound dog a dog that can measure up to 28 to...

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Irish Wolfhound Care

Irish Wolfhound Puppy Training & Care

The Irish Wolfhound is considered to be one, if not, the tallest breed of dog to ever exist that is still around today. These dogs, when fully grown, are known to grow to about the...

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Irish Wolfhound Puppies

All About Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Irish wolfhound puppies  are hound dogs with power, grace, and a dignity. Puppies and adult Irish wolfhounds are both calm, rarely barks, and is very patient. Training must start...

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